Microblading is a form of permanent makeup that creates natural, beautiful eyebrows manually with a handheld microblade. It’s perfect for people who have overplucked or those who want to define, darken or reshape their eyebrows.


Ombré brow tattooing is applied by using the more traditional method, the digital machine method. This technique leaves a behind a soft powdery finish within a crisp design. The density of the pigment that is implanted starts soft and light at the beginning of the brow and gradually gets darker and heavier towards the tail. This technique tends to last longer and is overall better for the integrity of the skin.  


Can’t decide between shading and microblading? The combination is the best of both techniques! Custom hair strokes are created at the front of the brow by microblading and then shaded for depth and dimension used by a machine with a single needle for a slighter deeper definition. 


If you’re caught deciding between shading and microblading but still wanting that natural look, microshading gives you just that! Custom hair strokes will be made throughout the entire brow by microblading. Next, soft shading from the tail and blended towards the center/front giving it more depths and density leaving your brows with a natural 3D effect.



This technique is great for thinning, balding or receding hairlines. Hair-like strokes created by a handheld tool and applied to your hair part, temples or full hairline to mimic your natural hair strands for immediate results. 


This is the fastest growing solution for hair loss. It is a non-invasive procedure. The cost of the treatment depends heavily on the clients requirements. Scalp micropigmentation treatments are a camouflage hair loss solution for men and women. Thousands of tiny dots are deposited into the scalp to mimic hair follicles. For men, it replicates the illusion of a permanent natural shaven hair appearance or a “buzz cut”. 

For women of various hair color, or for men who are not experiencing complete baldness and wish to keep their existing hair at a longer length, the process is applied to the scalp to reduce the contrast between scalp skin and the remaining hair.


This is a non-invasive tattoo removal process. Less to minimal pain, safe and quick. Little to no downtime, and used with all natural ingredients. 


Freckle tattoos work just like any other tattoo, whereby pigment is deposited below the skin. They can last anywhere from 6 months to 10 years with most people needing touch ups around the 12th month mark.

Colors and placement are fully customized for each client to enhance their own unique features! 


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